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Reason U is an evangelical, inter-denominational Christian online education site that creates educational programs and other resources. Our goal is to present evidence that the Bible is true, to build up the body of believers and challenge the positions of those who don’t believe. Our primary concerns are with the effects that false ideologies are having on the world and the body of believers (particularly our young people).

We believe in using the most effective teaching and media platforms, the most current and proven evidence from all of academia, and the most educated and articulate intellects in all Christendom to reach the awesome minds God put in each and every one of us.

Every day we know how blessed that we get to use the skills and talents that God has given us to encourage the believers and answer the seekers. We intend to keep doing this with all joy and fun and zeal and grace…until God returns or takes us home.

We appreciate each of you who have followed us through our connections with CrossExamined.org and Impact Apologetics. We also welcome those who are new to hearing about us here at ReasonU.

We look forward to Serving God by Serving you!

God bless you all,

The ReasonU Team
Frank, Stephanie, Tricia, Jorge, Caleb, Alicia


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