Progress, Homeschool Mama, Progress!

Posted by Karen Schaefer Fecarotta

Ah, the typical homeschooler. The one who is always advanced, reading fifth grade level books at only four years old!  The one who graduated med school at the ripe old age of seventeen.  Or is that just the type of homeschooler we read about in the news?

Homeschoolers run the spectrum of intelligence just like the rest of society.  If your  child is “average” or “slow” it can be discouraging to see all the wonderful, advanced things other parents are posting on social media and that is who we read about in the news.  In this excellent article by Shawna Wingert, of Not The Former Things, Wingert tells us what matters: progress.  As long as our children are progressing, the speed does not matter.  Remember, most importantly, it is our children’s hearts that matter: kindness, honesty and confidence in the purpose God has for them.

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