Online Course Scholarship

How to Apply For A ReasonU Online Course Scholarship

We understand that a challenging financial circumstance may prevent you from enrolling in one of our ReasonU Online courses. The ReasonU Scholarship Fund was established to provide both full and partial scholarships to our e-Learning courses and assist those who otherwise would not be able to enroll due to their current financial situations.

To apply for one of our ReasonU Online scholarships, please provide the information requested in the comment section below. Details are appreciated and have an impact on our selection process.

To apply:

  1. We ask for an essay telling us about your interest in taking a ReasonU online course.  Include the following information:
    • The specific course name and course level for which you are requesting a scholarship
      • When applying for one of our scholarships, we recommend choosing a course that has not yet started, or one that is “Self-Paced” so that it can be started at any time.
    • Why you would need the scholarship?   (i.e.  Personal internal reasons or external ministry impacts…etc.)
    • How much funding is needed for the class types offered?
    • Please also include your name and email address with your submission.
  2. Please send to with subject line “ReasonU Online Scholarship Application”.

Please note:

All requested information must be provided for your application to be considered.  Our scholarships range from 50 – 100% of the cost of any course offering, dependent on financial need and the number of scholarships we have available at any given time. Should you receive a scholarship that covers less than 100% of the online course cost, please be prepared to pay the remaining balance prior to beginning your course. You may apply for one scholarship per year.

You can find information about current ReasonU Online course offerings on our website at

Please email with any questions regarding our scholarship program, or if you would like to request assistance with your application.