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Congratulations on deciding to take the next step in using your mind that will strengthen your own faith and the faith of others around you.

When you registered, a Welcome email provided the link and the email you used during registration.  We recommend bookmarking the weblink to for logging into your course materials.

You can always reach us at if you have additional questions about logging into the course material housed in Thinkific.


Please check the Terms of Service and email us at so that we can engage the course instructor explaining the extenuating circumstances so that we help at the earliest possible .

When I complete the survey, once done, it won’t let me back in to edit my Survey.   What if I typed something wrong? I cannot go back in and correct it. It is marked as “Complete” and I cannot re-enter.  So, How can a student get another chance at updating their survey?

A student who wishes to amend his response cannot do so.   Students are unable to go in and edit their survey

We offer courses that meet most any need.

Premium Certificate Study – will have grading and assessments with your instructor (generally 12 week session)
Complete Course Study – Instructor led (generally 12 weeks)
Basic Self-Paced – self-directed, no grades or instructor  (1 year access to the course)

and others types that may come along.


Answer Link – changing-or-resetting-passwords

If you’re able to log in but want to change your password, or if you’re an admin who needs to reset one of your other users’ passwords for your site, you can do this from the dashboard.
In your admin dashboard, from the left sidebar, choose Users:
Use the search bar or scroll down to find the appropriate user and select Edit next to their name:
Scroll down to the Reset password section and enter a new password, then click Save new password:
If it was your own password, you’re all done!
If you were resetting it for someone else, send them their password so they can log in and set themselves a new one.

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Each course is priced separately.  Please refer to for course pricing details.